The Facilitator: Helen Shaw

Helen Shaw is a multi award winning media professional and documentary maker.

She runs her own company – the digital content and consultancy agency Athena Media –and was one of the first podcasters in Ireland when she launched Podcasting Ireland.

She’s been a groundbreaker in her career; the first woman on the executive board of RTE, when she was appointed Managing Director Radio, and before that she was a senior editor with BBC Northern Ireland and a news reporter with the Irish Times.

In keeping with the theme for this year’s conference ‘What is your why?’, Helen has been questioning her ‘why’ and has just completed a Master in Climate Change at Dublin City University. Not surprising then that her new documentary series for RTE lyric fm “We Only Want The Earth” is about the power of the creative arts to help us engage with the climate crisis.

Helen has facilitated the WMB Conference & Awards since it started 15 years ago and will join us once again in 2023.