The Facilitator: Helen Shaw

Helen Shaw has facilitated the WMB Conference & Awards since it started 13 years ago and will join us once again in 2019.

Helen is the founder/M.D. of the award winning digital storytelling agency Athena Media

She became the first woman on the RTÉ executive board when she was appointed to Head RTÉ Radio in 1997 and she project led the launch of RTÉ Lyric fm twenty years ago. Helen is an accomplished author and expert on digital media and digital strategy for business. She is a postgraduate of UCD and DCU and a Fellow of Harvard University.

Helen serves on the board of the Arts Council of Ireland and is a member of the Social Sciences Committee of the Royal Irish Academy. She is a founding member, and former President, of the International Women’s Forum Ireland. She is a multi-award winning producer in both broadcasting and digital and she is currently working a documentary collaboration with the composer Linda Buckley on the connections between Iceland and Ireland. One of Athena Media’s 2019 projects is the podcast series This is Where We Live unpacking the story behind the housing crisis.