WMB – Women Mean Business!

We are a passionate brand, committed to delivering the highest standards of publishing excellence for a select number of clients.

‘No’ isn’t in our daily vocabulary, either is ‘Try’ or ‘Maybe’. Rather than calling ourselves old-fashioned, we are a retro brand representing good ol’ fashioned values.

We listen to our clients and work in an environment where the client is always right but sometimes needs that extra pair of hands to get projects over the line and on time! So think of us as an extension of your brand, where we are as proud and protective of your interests as we are of our own!

Apart from corporate publishing expertise, we are passionate about all things women-related.

Our annual Conference and Awards celebrates and promotes female entrepreneurs and businesswomen, connecting women and recognising their contribution to the Irish economy and society as a whole.

Our business website: www.womenmeanbusiness.com offers a cornucopia of news, interviews, reviews, and advice specifically written for businesswomen and female entrepreneurs.



WMB was established by Managing Editor Rosemary Delaney in 2006. Borne of Rosemary’s passion, vision and drive, WMB continues to offer a dedicated space in which to highlight Irish and International businesswomen and female entrepreneurs.

We have four core values – we are Aspiring, Individual, Visionary and Passionate and these values are reflected in everything we do.

WMB is the only online offering on the Irish market dedicated to tackling the issue of gender in the workplace, to promoting Irish female entrepreneurs and to featuring inspiring female business leaders and role models.



With over 20 years in the magazine industry, Managing Editor Rosemary Delaney is an expert in producing quality titles and, as an entrepreneur herself, has directly experienced the highs and lows of business. Not only can she talk the talk but she continues to walk the walk as an editor and businesswoman.

Rosemary represented Magazines on the Press Council of Ireland for a number of years (having worked on the steering committee to establish the first Press Council of Ireland). Previous to that, she was Chairperson of the representative body – Magazines Ireland.

For 4 years, Rosemary sat on the board of InterTrade Ireland, the only cross-border organisation which boosts economic cooperation between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in order to achieve greater economic growth.

In 2011 she published her book Women Mean Business: One Woman’s Journey into Entrepreneurship (Orpen Press) an honest, funny and insightful account of her career journey.

Rosemary’s Ten Commandments are:
1. Know your cashflows; expected the unexpected.
2. Only do business with blue chip clients. Better to be paid than to be stung.
3. Surround yourself with positivity.
4. Go out of your comfort zone, often.
5. Learn something new.
6. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.
7. Throw down the ladder – women should support one another.
8. Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.
9. Avoid procrastination.
10. Believe.


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– In advance of the WMB Conference & Awards 2015, three of our finalists appeared on Down To Business on Newstalk 106-108fm [03/10/2015].