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CoderDojo Partners Up With BOI

28 October 2015

Bank of Ireland announced an partnership with the CoderDojo Foundation, which will see Dojos hosted in more than 50 local communities using Bank of...

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Ingrid Vandervelt


Ingrid Vanderveldt, Entrepreneur

28 October 2015

Ingrid Vanderveldt has an impressive CV. With a career encompassing roles including TV host, business advisor, change agent and investment...

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So In Demand

Rose Hynes Appointed To Origin Enterprises Plc Board

27 October 2015

Rose Hynes was appointed to the Origin Enterprises plc board this month following the departure of Aryzta chief executive Owen Killian from the...

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Michaela Blott

The Interview

The WMB Woman in Technology Award 2015 Winner

26 October 2015

In corporate-speak, Michaela Blott is responsible for ‘strategic thought leadership’, ‘de-risking of new projects’ and ‘building technology...

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Irish SMEs To Benefit From €100 Million In EU Guaranteed Loans

23 October 2015

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ireland will get easier access to risk capital thanks to a new EU-backed loan guarantee facility under...

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