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The Maserati 100

24 February 2015

A definitive list of Britain’s most successful business leaders actively supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs has been announced by...

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Niamh Townsend, Dell

The Interview


23 February 2015

From an undergraduate degree in languages, through a trainee management programme that involved everything from washing cars to profit and loss...

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WMB Living

The Ramblings of a Working Mum

22 February 2015

I think my daughter is becoming a young woman. I know, she has only turned double-digits but as she says herself: "Look mum, my macaroons are getting...

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Deloitte Names First Woman CEO

22 February 2015

Deloitte has appointed Cathy Engelbert as chief executive officer, making her the first woman to become CEO of a major US accounting and consulting...

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Rosemary Delaney

WMB Advice

The Real Risks and Trade-offs of Setting Up Your Own Business

22 February 2015

I have always stood firm that setting your goals and committing them to paper will take you quite a distance on your journey to success. One of the...

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