Role Models Create More Role Models

This International Women’s Day (March 8th, 2023), UN Women and the United Nations is celebrating under the theme DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.  It’s an apt theme when we consider that women make up only 22% of artificial intelligence workers globally. In a world analysis of 133 AI systems across industries, 44.2% demonstrate gender bias.  Both figures are very concerning, and it begs the question:  Are women always going to be on the backfoot?  If we are not involved in the development of cutting-edge technologies, who is going to represent ‘us’ – who is going to be ‘our’ voice?

As a publisher, I don’t pretend to understand how AI works – I do know, however, that it’s the present and OUR future. It is therefore vital that we do what we can to ensure women can play their part in advancements in this area and in the decision-making process.  There’s little point in fighting for equality on one hand, if it’s only going to be replaced by inequality on the other.

One way to increase female underrepresentation is by way of role models.  Here at WMB, we are fortunate that there are so many wonderful businesswomen and female entrepreneurs who have vision, passion, and a shared desire to ‘throw back down the ladder’.

The WMB Diversity Ambassador Initiative is an opportunity for our Ambassadors to share their stories, promote DE&I and encourage more women into areas where they are underrepresented.

We are delighted to reveal our Diversity Ambassadors for 2023 who will join our current Ambassadors in their ambitions to create positive change. It is fitting that we should highlight our Ambassador on a day that celebrates women around the world.

During late March and April, we look forward to finding out a bit more about each of our role models.

It is time to come into full view ladies – our daughters and sons deserve to see what is possible.

You can click on the individual icons below to get a greater insight into our leading ladies.