Rhonda Doyle Director of Operations, Services and Projects at Schneider Electric Ireland

Rhonda Doyle is the Director of Operations, Services and Projects at Schneider Electric Ireland. With an ambitious customer-centric focus, she is responsible for driving strategy and managing Schneider’s operations, ultimately ensuring a best-in-class service offering.

Schneider Electric’s presence in Ireland stretches back more than 35 years. The majority of its 400 employees are based in Galway where it continues to recruit new talent across a range of STEM-related jobs.

The company is particularly active in critical industries such as data centres and networks, manufacturing, and renewable energy. In addition to overseeing these, Rhonda is involved in the development of field services across core sectors.

Rhonda joined Schneider Electric in January 2021 having previously spent 17 years at eBay. She is particularly passionate about promoting diversity in the workplace and in STEM leadership roles specifically. Rhonda also supports Technical University Dublin with mentoring and an annual corporate-funded scholarship to help female students get into STEM careers. She is also a WMB Gender Diversity Ambassador.

Rhonda holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a master’s degree in Business Administration at Dublin City University and is currently a volunteer at TU Dublin.