Miriam Hussey Integrated Health and Wellness Coach

Miriam Hussey is a qualified pharmacist with a deep interest in holistic health and wellbeing. She is a certified integrative health and wellness coach and a yoga and meditation facilitator, among many other qualifications.

Her dedication lies in exploring the powerful connection between the mind and body, and how lifestyle choices can be used as medicine.

In addition to her individual practice, Miriam actively contributes to the design and delivery of executive, corporate, and personal wellness retreats, seminars, and programs. She is also one of the co-founders of Soul Space, an international movement focused on Mind, Body, and Soul events and programs. Furthermore, Miriam is recognised as a leading international keynote speaker in the field of human health, wellness, and performance, and frequently appears in national and international television, radio, and print media.

Miriam firmly believes that true health, vitality, and wellness can only be achieved through the integration of cognitive, emotional, physical, nutritional, mental, and spiritual health. Her diverse qualifications and expertise in both pharmaceutical and complementary health therapies allow her to approach human health and wellness with a unique and integrated perspective. Her contributions to the health and wellness field have been acknowledged with The Business All Star award, where she was recognised as a “Thought Leader in Human Health and Performance.”