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Your Permission: Why We Don’t Need It For Success

19 August 2015

Have you found yourself asking why you decided not to go for that potentially career changing role? For the award that, if you were successful in...

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Barbara Nugent

Building Your Emotional Capital

20 July 2015

Just for a moment think back to the best bosses you ever had. What did they have in common? Words like trusting, empowering, inspiring, optimistic...

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Working Late Cancels Out Holiday Entitlements

29 June 2015

Staff who work an average of one extra hour per day clock-up at least 200 unpaid hours or 25 unpaid days at work per year.  Over one third of...

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Mindfulness Enables Optimum Performance & Leadership

15 June 2015

Unable to switch off? Tense... Agitated... Is Work Getting to You? Are you facing another ‘crazy busy’ day? Are you always rushing, trying to...

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Go Getters

Being A Go Getter Comes At A Cost

28 May 2015

If ever you've felt frustrated that your reward for getting things done was more work to do, new research shows that uneasy feeling could be spot...

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