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Sue Coyne

How to thrive and not just survive as a business leader

2 September 2016

The business world today is so fast-paced that the one thing that can be relied upon as constant is change. At any given moment, you, your team and...

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How to Keep Women, Introverted Men and Minorities from Walking

19 August 2016

The cliché is that people don't leave organisations, they leave bosses. In fact the evidence is pretty close to this — it suggests people leave...

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Judith Moffett

Why would anyone leave a well-paid job?

14 April 2016

The first thing recruiters get asked when they approach a candidate with a job is “What’s the salary?”. Many people are unwilling to...

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pay transparency

Mind The (Gender Pay) Gap Why transparency is important in closing the gender pay gap

16 February 2016

You would be forgiven if in recent months you felt that we were back in 1980 when Dolly Parton released her song ‘9 to 5’ in which she referred...

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Olivia Galvin

Career Success Is All About Confidence

8 January 2016

Let’s start with a contradiction – the headline above suggests that you need to be confident to succeed and that’s not true. You can have a...

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