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TestReach to Create 30 New Jobs

13 May 2021

This week, the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) announced that 2,700 doctors, from 38 countries, have taken its written membership...

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SoapBox Labs Drives Future Innovation

6 May 2021

SoapBox Labs, pioneering developer of accurate, safe and secure voice technology for kids, today announced the appointment of Dr. Martyn Farrows as...

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The B!G Idea

26 April 2021

A new Transition Year programme aimed at teaching creative thinking to students has seen teens across Ireland applying innovation to five of the...

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Managing ‘it’ all: Women and the Pandemic.

13 April 2021

As our newsfeeds are filling up with stories and statistics about how the pandemic is adversely impacting women, it can be difficult to see a way...

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Professor Fiona Doohan Receives 2021 NovaUCD Innovation Award

29 March 2021

Recipients of NovaUCD’s 2021 Innovation Awards were announced today (29th March) during a virtual event to highlight successes made in areas of...

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