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Emotional Intelligence & going Back-to-School!

14 August 2018

Who would have thought that black school shoes could be so complicated? “Too ugly, no heels allowed, too lame, who would make shoes like...

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Managing Your Unique Energy Matrix

24 July 2018

— The Importance of Managing Energy and Not Time — Science understands that individuals are made up of whirlpools of energy, a collection of...

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Take Charge of Your Own Future

13 June 2018

The Central Bank recently reported that the Irish economy is expected to hit full employment in 2019.  Ask any business leader what concerns they...

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Peer-to-Peer Support in the Workplace

28 May 2018

Liz Cunningham, Finance Director Google on the importance of Peer-to-Peer Support in the Workplace. When I entered the accountancy profession, it...

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Why Gender Diversity Matters

14 May 2018

With over 13,000 colleagues working across 150 stores, head office and two distribution centres Tesco Ireland is one of Ireland’s largest private...

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