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Find your Flavour – Choose technology to help transform your future

1 August 2017

Just Eat is the world’s leading marketplace for online food delivery, operating in 13 markets around the globe. Our app allows customers to search...

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Do the decent thing – It makes good business sense

28 June 2017

There’s an episode in the classic sitcom Frasier where Martin – Frasier’s ex-cop father – is trying to persuade his son to tell a ‘white...

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Transforming Yourself in a Changing World

26 April 2017

One of the many benefits of working at Microsoft is that we live and work in an environment of constant change and transformation. This is driven in...

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Is it all about the Money?

29 March 2017

Show me the money! The infamous line from the movie Jerry Maguire is what first springs to mind when someone asks me is it all about the money?...

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