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Monitoring Your Gender Pay Gap with Gapsquare’s Dr. Zara Nanu

3 October 2022

With the deadline to the comply with gender pay legislation in Ireland quickly approaching, companies with 250 employees or more are having to put in...

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The Realities of Challenging Discrimination in the Workplace

7 December 2021

Why the upcoming review of the Equality Acts must also tackle the obstacles that prevent people from enforcing their rights under the Acts Words:...

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FTI Consulting’s Gráinne Bryan – Reflections on Career, WFH and Moving Forward

15 August 2021

As a long-term reader of Women Mean Business, the stories I’ve read here over the past 10+ years have been a constant source of inspiration for...

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Women in Leadership and Gender Balance in Europe

2 August 2021

The importance of gender balance is highlighted by the various skills and different perspectives that women bring to the table, particularly...

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Be Proactive about your Mental Health

13 May 2021

As the COVID-19 restrictions lift and our ‘new normal’ becomes more clear, we need to pay attention to our mental health. Leading Irish...

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