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Listening to all Voices

10 November 2023

The world has always been unpredictable and the last few years have proven that both good and challenging times often appear from nowhere. The...

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Is Discussing Pay a Taboo Subject at Work?

18 September 2023

When I started my career in the 90s, it was an unwritten rule: do not discuss your salary. This culture of silence is still prevalent. In fact, a...

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Ireland and the Gender Pay-Gap:  Education and continuous learning is the key to pay parity

8 August 2023

In 1994, at 25 years old, I was promoted to my first managerial position in a small-to-medium multinational organisation. Words: Fiona...

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The Beginning of the end for the Gender Pay Gap

13 April 2023

Imagine you're Anna, a dedicated and hardworking engineer passionate about your job. You've spent years honing your skills and have contributed...

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Monitoring Your Gender Pay Gap with Gapsquare’s Dr. Zara Nanu

3 October 2022

With the deadline to the comply with gender pay legislation in Ireland quickly approaching, companies with 250 employees or more are having to put in...

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