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Monitoring Your Gender Pay Gap with Gapsquare’s Dr. Zara Nanu

3 October 2022

With the deadline to the comply with gender pay legislation in Ireland quickly approaching, companies with 250 employees or more are having to put in...

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Final call for ACORNS

19 September 2022

This Friday (September 23) is the final deadline for early-stage female entrepreneurs in rural areas to apply for the latest cycle of the ACORNS...

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EpiCapture Secures Place in EIT Health Wild Card Finals

18 August 2022

EIT Health Ireland-UK announced that Dublin-based start-up EpiCapture has made it through to the finals of Wild Card and is the last remaining...

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TestReach Supports a New Vision for Testing Worldwide

4 July 2022

The British Council recently announced a new partnership with Irish company TestReach to transform the global delivery of the British Council’s...

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Other Voices: ‘Why we must create a clear path for Women in Tech’

20 June 2022

The acceleration of workplace diversity and inclusion has been a huge boost to technology companies, including Altada, yet the fact remains – our...

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