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The Ramblings Of A Working Mum: A Diary Like No Other!

11 May 2015

Since when did life get so busy? I find myself checking my availability on a regular basis. In fact, I do it so often now that I can almost imagine...

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Posture Month 2015

5 Steps to Standing Taller for Posture Month

5 May 2015

Do you know what it feels like to stand with good posture?  Our grandparents knew the importance of standing tall, and now science is catching up. ...

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Menopause at workplace

HEALTH MATTERS: Menopause & The Workplace

28 April 2015

You’re finally getting to where you want to be – you’ve climbed the career ladder, earned promotion and are enjoying the benefits of a senior...

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Frances Cahill

HEALTH MATTERS: Q&A with Frances Cahill

22 April 2015

Frances Cahill wears many hats – a busy Director of Business Development by day and a single mother of two, 24/7. She was Chairperson of Fine Gael...

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iPosture – the Evolution of Your Posture

19 April 2015

Life has changed and now most of the world is a part of, or slave to, digital technology. Our collective posture has been folded and molded by the...

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