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Does Happiness Make You Live Longer?

10 December 2015

A UK study has investigated whether unhappiness has a direct effect on women's health and mortality. Modern life sees many women over worked and...

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Kate Tojeiro

How To Make Procrastination Your Friend

20 November 2015

I always thought procrastination was a byword for lazy until I met a neuroscientist who gave me a startling and very different take on it. Hilary...

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worklife balance

Less Than 10% Of Irish Working Mothers Happy

1 October 2015

Less than 10% (8.9%) of Irish mothers are managing work and family life well and are happy to keep doing what they are doing. That’s according to a...

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Dr Angie Brown

What You Need To Know About Heart Disease

2 September 2015

Dr. Angie Brown (pictured), medical director, Irish Heart Foundation and consultant cardiologist on the signs, symptoms and risk factors of heart...

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Dr Eleanor McIntyre

HEALTH MATTERS: Not Enough Physical Activity At Work

14 May 2015

Even a busy job may not provide enough exercise to meet current activity recommendations for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, according to a...

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