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Shona McManus

Can Women Really Have it All?

1 September 2016

A new study by one of Ireland’s leading recruitment consultancies, Osborne, has found that over two thirds of working Irish mothers believe it is...

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Is Tech Taking Over Your Dinner Table?

24 August 2016

Research published today by Dolmio® reveals that technology is a barrier to Irish family connection at mealtimes. In a world where we are more...

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We’re Underestimating Value of Stay-at-home Parents

11 August 2016

Royal London, a protection specialist, asked 1,000 men and women of all ages throughout Ireland how much, in monetary value, they believe that a...

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flexible working

Workers Crave Flexibility and the Well-being it Brings Them

27 July 2016

The latest research by Regus, the global workplace provider, reveals that flexibility is a key value for workers who actually report that they would...

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Work Is The Top Cause Of Stress

2 June 2016

When it comes to stress, work is said to be the biggest culprit. More stressful than relationship issues, money problems and even health worries...

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