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UCD Scientist Finds Potential Breast Cancer Breakthrough

1 November 2016

Breast-Predict, The Irish Cancer Society Collaborative Cancer Research Centre, hopes that the drug APR-246 can prevent the growth of...

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Workplace Anxiety – How Do We Fare?

26 October 2016

Mental health and anxiety are becoming less taboo topics in modern Ireland but how many of us would feel comfortable admitting to our employers that...

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Workplace Illness Risks Identified

21 October 2016

New research published by the ESRI identifies workers who are most at risk of developing the two most common types of work-related illness,...

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Healthy Ireland

Healthy Ireland Survey 2016 Released

20 October 2016

Healthy Ireland surveyed 7,498 people with face-to-face interviews to gain a further understanding of the health of the nation. The survey data...

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Maria Macklin

Style Advice for Powerful Women

10 October 2016

Congratulations – you’ve made it. You’ve succeeded where many don’t. You’ve become a role model for lots of younger women. You’ve broken...

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