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A Practical Guide to Value-Added Tax

18 July 2017

The contribution of value-added tax (VAT) receipts to the Irish Exchequer is substantial; approximately one-quarter of the entire annual Exchequer...

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Is it all about the Money?

29 March 2017

Show me the money! The infamous line from the movie Jerry Maguire is what first springs to mind when someone asks me is it all about the money?...

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Can you be too Educated?

14 March 2017

Ask anyone over 50 what they needed to apply for their first job, and more than likely it was an inter cert, or maybe a leaving cert. Over 30 and it...

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Liz Grace Talks Brexit At House of Lords

7 March 2017

Recently, I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet and to interview Lord Jonathan Hill, former UK EU Commissioner for Financial Stability,...

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Network and Getwork

6 February 2017

Networking as a business tool has evolved from inviting the boss to dinner or the golf course, to formal membership of networking organisations and...

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