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Jennifer Kenny

The Other Lens: You Can’t Measure What You Can’t See

10 August 2015

Three steps that you can take to begin to think differently about how we measure employees. Last month in my column entitled “The Male...

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Liz Grace

When Academia Meets Business: Part 2

27 July 2015

Educating our young people is one thing but enabling graduates to successfully match third-level qualifications to the demand for specialised skills...

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Academia Meets Business

When Academia Meets Business: Part 1

13 July 2015

When I called, Michael Campion was just back from a trip to the University of Ulster, where three of his students had won a Merit award in the...

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The Male Measuring Stick: 3 Ways To Rethink Performance

6 July 2015

Last month I wrote about ‘5 Ways to Work More Effectively with the Women on your Team’. One of the comments from one of my fabulous readers was...

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Challenging The Status Quo: Why We Can’t Run Away From Conflict

30 June 2015

Wouldn’t life be easier if we didn’t have to challenge the status quo? Consider the number of opportunities which present themselves during...

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