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The Other Lens: Throwing out the mould of the linear career path

20 April 2016

I read a great article in The Jakarta Post last week. It was titled “Are women’s leadership assumptions holding them back?”. Ugh, I thought to...

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Man Lee Leung

Postpone Motherhood and Minimise Career Income Losses

15 April 2016

Working women who want to minimise career income losses related to motherhood should wait until they are about 30 years old to have their first...

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Women on boards

Women On Ireland’s State Boards

28 March 2016

The vast majority of seats on our State boards are still occupied by men – even though it’s 2016 and nearly 25 years since the government first...

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1916 / 2016

Part Two: Women Workers In The 1916 Rising

23 March 2016

In the early months of 1916, the basement of Liberty Hall was turned into a munitions works with scores of women and girls working. One of those was...

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1916 / 2016

Part One: Women Workers In The 1916 Rising

18 March 2016

In 1916, large numbers of women were beginning to take part in active politics, although they still did not have the right to vote. These women came...

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