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The Other Lens: What is the difference between ‘cost improvement’ and ‘expenditure reduction’?

8 February 2016

In last month’s column 5 Ways to Lead from Abundance I wrote about one of the most powerful aspects of ‘Leading from The Feminine’ – Leading...

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Are We Bottling ‘It’ Up?

1 February 2016

Recently I received an email from a woman about her experience of post natal depression (PND). In a very personal account, she paints a picture of...

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New Year New Me

New Year, New Improved Me Why Incremental Change is More Realistic Than a Complete Rebrand

20 January 2016

How many of us remember the commitments we made to ourselves just over a month ago? The one about becoming the ‘new and improved’ versions of...

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The Other Lens: Five Ways To Lead From Abundance

11 January 2016

In previous articles I have spoken about the distinctions of Feminine Leadership and how we are only measuring half of our leadership capacity. Today...

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The Other Lens: Gender Equality is a Competitive Asset

11 December 2015

One of McKinsey’s latest articles on Gender Equality is written by Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer and based on their book: Friend and Foe:...

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