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Deirdre-Ann Barr

The Companies Act 2014

22 June 2015

Making it easier to start up and do business through Irish companies. Fifteen years in the making, the Companies Act 2014 came into force on June...

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Mindfulness Enables Optimum Performance & Leadership

15 June 2015

Unable to switch off? Tense... Agitated... Is Work Getting to You? Are you facing another ‘crazy busy’ day? Are you always rushing, trying to...

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Mary Rose Burke, Ibec

Reversing The Paradox: Ibec

8 June 2015

As we all know, the numbers of women that make it to senior roles is far less than it should be. To move the debate on in May, Ibec, along with the...

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Jennifer Kenny

The Other Lens: Fixing Women

2 June 2015

Many of the gender balance initiatives in corporations and organisations today have initiatives that fall under the umbrella that I call ‘Fixing...

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When Digital Becomes Human

When Digital Becomes Human

27 May 2015

Before the movie E.T. came out, aliens were always inhuman. This lack of human qualities had always made aliens “bad” or something to be feared,...

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