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Set Your Own Standards For Leadership Excellence

2 November 2015

I was talking with a fellow Mom and Senior Global Executive the other day, about giving kids Internet access. Words: Jennifer Kenny We discussed...

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Eva McGuire

Collaboration Is Key To The Future

15 October 2015

Running an organisation is a complicated business.  And it doesn’t seem to be getting any less so. So say the latest thinkers in business in...

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It’s Not OK For Work To Hurt Our Hearts 3 Ways To Change How We Think About 'The Glass Ceiling'

5 October 2015

I had a very interesting interaction on LinkedIn this month. A wonderful woman, Shannon Katschilo posted a column called “Breaking Glass Ceilings...

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Are male middle managers the key to equality in the workplace?

21 September 2015

A new report by Elisabeth Kelan, Professor of Leadership at Cranfield School of Management, explores the pivotal role men in middle management...

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Gender neutral

The Other Lens: Being ‘Gender neutral’ is being MALE Two steps you can take to be a better leader of women

14 September 2015

This month my column is for men. I love men. I think they are fabulous and I want to address them. A very frustrated, highly capable, ex-COO for a...

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