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Closing the Confidence Gap

19 June 2018

There’s been much discussion about the gender pay gap and a phenomenon that is a significant contributor to the disparity between men and women in...

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WMB Awards – Nominate Now

6 June 2018

The theme for WMB’s 12th annual Conference & Awards is ‘A Different Perspective’.  There is beauty in a world where diversity – of...

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Women Lead at the CSNA!

5 June 2018

There are 37,400 retail and wholesale businesses operating in Ireland and the Irish retail sector employs almost 285,000 people.  With over 70% of...

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Excuses Excuses!

4 June 2018

Last week UK media entities highlighted some of the excuses made by FTSE companies for not appointing women to their boards.  Granted there are...

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National Enterprise Award Winners 2018

31 May 2018

Top awards go to Local Enterprise Office-backed companies in Kildare, Clare, Carlow and Laois as ‘20 Years of Winners’ are celebrated at National...

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