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Gillian Harford, Country Executive, 30% Club

23 April 2019

Having led change and driven transformation in the “people space” at AIB over almost four decades, as Gillian Harford approaches retirement, she...

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Have we Reached a Tipping Point?

11 April 2019

The movement towards gender parity has reached a significant milestone. One of the key findings of EY’s annual D&I report was that the...

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A Passion for Paint!

15 March 2019

Paint is very much in my blood. My parents met in the paint laboratory of a major paint manufacturer in Cork back in the late 1970’s and paint has...

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8 March 2019

When I called for a chat, Anne Kiely had just finished hosting a discussion panel of four top Twitter female executives, all of whom, she explained...

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A Climate of Change

3 February 2019

Back in the early seventies, when computers were in their infancy and took up whole rooms, a far-seeing college lecturer encouraged a promising...

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