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Niamh Townsend, Dell


23 February 2015

From an undergraduate degree in languages, through a trainee management programme that involved everything from washing cars to profit and loss...

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Jo Brennan, JamJou

Training Through Gaming

12 February 2015

There’s a new buzzword in town and it’s set to take the business world by storm. ‘Gamification’ is the use of game based mechanics in...

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Consider This: Helen James, Designer

17 January 2015

Designer Helen James has been well known on the fashion circuit in Ireland for many years. A native of Dublin, James spent much of the Nineties...

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Ramona Nicholas

WMB Female Entrepreneur Award 2014

4 January 2015

If you know the name Ramona Nicholas it may well be from RTE’s television series Dragons’ Den, in which she features as the ‘female...

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Paula Fitzsimons

Boots WMB Empowering Women Award 2014

3 January 2015

Paula Fitzsimons has spent her career tirelessly focused on creating opportunities for others. From working her way up through the IDA,...

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