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Claire keane

Nothing square about Claire!

12 August 2015

As a 12-year-old schoolgirl, Claire Keane’s home-made caramel squares sold out as soon as she brought them into the classroom. So it’s no...

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Jenny Taaffe

Jenny Taaffe, iZest Marketing

29 July 2015

‘Meteoric rise’ is almost as irritating a phrase to an entrepreneur as ‘overnight success’, but Jenny Taaffe’s career in marketing and...

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Grace O'Shaughnessy

Grace O’Shaughnessy, Java Republic

22 July 2015

They’ve won a shedload of glittering awards and recently signed a headline contract with Aer Lingus  - but the team at Java Republic aren’t...

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Linda Nolan, MyBio

Linda Nolan, MyBio

15 July 2015

Reluctant scientist Linda Nolan puts her years studying biology down to the persuasion of the nuns in Presentation College Kilkenny; she wanted to...

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Paula Kelleher

Paula Kelleher, BNY Mellon

3 July 2015

Corkwoman Paula Kelleher’s modesty belies her outstanding record over a career that spans law, business and finance. Words: Deirdre...

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