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UK MPs Call for new Menopause Ambassador to keep Women in the Workplace

9 August 2022

Employers' lack of support for menopausal symptoms is pushing 'highly skilled and experienced' women out of work, with knock-on effects on the gender...

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Record Breaking News!

3 August 2022

England’s Lionesses made history at the weekend (31 July 2022) by breaking a world record with their 2-1 win against Germany in the UEFA Women’s...

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It will take Another 132 Years to Close the Gender Gap!

18 July 2022

After a big COVID hit, the gender gap hasn’t bounced back, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2022. As the...

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Take Note: Actions Do Speak Louder than Words!

27 June 2022

In 2020, as employers were grappling with the pandemic and renewed calls for racial justice, many responded with new policies and pronouncements. But...

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Only 14% of Financial Institutions Headed by Women!

7 May 2022

OMFIF’s Gender Balance Index 2022 reveals gradual but not fundamental progress in the representation of women in the upper echelons of global...

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