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International Tea Day with OMGTea

21 May 2024

OMGTea  founder Katherine Swift was burned by Dragons, bashed by Brexit and discovered just how hard it is to sell tea to the British. But now,...

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Missed Opportunities   – OMFIF’s Gender Balance Index

10 April 2024

63 new leaders. Just 9 of them are women. Why aren't more reaching the top? The 11th edition of OMFIF’s Gender Balance Index (GBI) lays bare the...

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Tackling Women’s Poverty

25 March 2024

A delegation of the European Parliament's Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee  participated in the recent UN Commission on the Status of...

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Women in the Workplace Report – Corporate America

16 October 2023

LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company recently released the ninth annual Women in the Workplace report, the largest study on the state of women in...

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International Day of Care and Support – A milestone for gender equality and sustainable societies

13 August 2023

The United Nations General Assembly, through a groundbreaking resolution (A/RES/77/317), has proclaimed an International Day of Care and Support,...

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