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IDI Design Awards 2015 Honours Eileen Gray

15 June 2015

The Institute of Designers in Ireland is calling on designers from all disciplines to prepare their entries for the 17th annual IDI Design Awards...

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Linda Nolan

Female Entrepreneur Wins Top National Enterprise Award

12 June 2015

Two female-led businesses were among the winners at the 18th Annual National Enterprise Awards, organised by the Local Enterprise Offices and...

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Stephanie Roche and Margot Slattery

Stephanie Roche Represents Sodexo Ireland

10 June 2015

Footballer Stephanie Roche has been named as Health & Wellbeing Ambassador for Sodexo Ireland. The ‘teaming up’ was revealed yesterday and...

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Maria Pinelli

Entrepreneurs Are Leading Source Of Job Creation This Year

9 June 2015

Entrepreneurs are leading global job creation, with 47% of entrepreneurs expecting to increase their total global workforce this year. This is...

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working on holiday

No Digital Detox For Irish Holidaymakers

5 June 2015

Are you planning on taking a holiday this year? Will you be able to put your phone down for a few hours and tune out? Irish people like to stay...

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