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Grit International – Female Leaders in Healthcare Summit

28 March 2023

The Female Leaders in Healthcare Summit 'Leading for Change', promotes equality, diversity and inclusion across digital healthcare and life sciences...

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Government urged to Appoint a Menopause Employment Champion

23 March 2023

Menopause Hub founder and CEO Loretta Dignam has urged the Government to mirror the UK and appoint a Menopause Employment Champion to help Irish...

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Improving Children’s Palliative Care Outcomes in Ireland (iCPCi)

20 March 2023

New research addressing knowledge and evidence gaps that exist in data on life-limiting conditions (LLCs) in children ­– Improving Children's...

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Energia Group Continues to build on an Inclusive Company Culture

16 March 2023

Energia Group recently announced a partnership with Riley to provide free period care products to employees across all their offices. Riley, a...

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Walkers Celebrates IWD with Deputy Governor Derville Rowland

13 March 2023

Derville Rowland, Deputy Governor, Consumer and Investor Protection at the Central Bank of Ireland, joined a Walkers' IWD event in Dublin focused on...

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