Galway Company Embraces the 3-day Weekend

1st July 2024

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Key findings from a recent ICE Group staff survey on the benefits of a 4-day week include increased employee motivation at work, greater energy levels, improved team morale and enhanced personal wellbeing.

Additionally, the recruitment experts ICE found greater profitability since initiating the ‘3-Day Weekend’.

Over 80 employees were canvassed their opinions for this biannual study. A popular response from the survey was that many found it an ideal time to spend quality time with loved ones and family, while others took advantage of the extra day off for relaxation, personal projects or creative endeavours such as gardening, learning a new hobby and travelling, etc.

Margaret Cox, Director of recruitment firm ICE Group (pictured), also celebrated the 5th birthday of their bestselling book ‘The 3-Day Weekend’. Commenting on the findings of the survey Margaret said:

“We have seen a 27% increase in our productivity levels since implementing the 4-day week. Many of our clients have taken up the initiative and report a positive increase in employee activity at work.”

She went on to say that “employees found themselves more relaxed in the office, they dealt with problems efficiently, a greater boost in their self-confidence and a greater sense of motivation both in work and at home.

The company survey concludes that clear communication, good planning, and team collaboration are essential for the success of a 4-day working week.”

As a family business that holds employee wellness as a core value, ICE Group are the pioneer of the 4-day work week. The final question in ICE Group’s biannual survey asks – ‘Would you recommend other companies to implement the 4-day week?’ 100% of employees said, YES!.