Be the Change

24th June 2024

The theme for our 16th annual WMB Conference & Awards is ‘Be the Change’.

This year’s conference theme is a natural progression from WMB’s 2023 theme when we asked our speakers, attendees, WMB ambassadors and WMB Sheroes, the question – What is your Why?

On reflection, it was evident that many of us knew exactly our ‘why’ – our raison d’être. However, our careers, which are intrinsically linked with our broader lives, are ever-evolving and ever-adjusting – both from within and from outside influences and changing circumstances.

Acknowledging this, knowing that we constantly need to reassess and perhaps adjust course, takes good instincts and courage and even better decision-making skills. This brings us to the theme for 2024 – ‘Be the Change’.

“Progress is impossible without change. Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw

On September 30th, Irish author and behavioural scientist, Nuala Walsh will take to the WMB Stage. In her recently released book, Tune In – How to make smarter decisions in a noisy world, she takes her reader on a journey to become a more influential Decision Ninja.

Nuala writes:

“Your decisions matter. Despite popular opinion, the most underestimated risk we face isn’t economic, political or even climate risk – it’s human decision risk, and the failure to hear who or what really matters”.

I can’t wait to tune in to Nuala, a former VP at UN Women, who is recognised among the 100 most influential women in finance, with a 30-year global investments career. A TEDx speaker, Nuala serves on multiple high-profile business, sport and non-profit boards and is Founder and CEO of MindEquity.

We will also hear from integrated health and wellness coach, Miriam Hussey as she explores the powerful connection between the mind and body, and how lifestyle choices can be used as medicine. We all want to be the best version of ourselves, and Miriam can help us make the right decisions and ‘Be the Change’.

Miriam is recognised as a leading international keynote speaker in the field of human health, wellness, and performance, and frequently appears in national and international television, radio, and print media. In addition to her individual practice, she is also co-founder of Soul Space.

Miriam firmly believes that true health, vitality, and wellness can only be achieved through integrating cognitive, emotional, physical, nutritional, mental, and spiritual health.

Also giving attendees their take on the theme ‘Be the Change’ is Gráinne Bryan a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting, where she leads the Technology segment in Ireland along with being the Technology partner responsible for Continental Europe.

As a key leader within the organisation, Gráinne spearheads initiatives that mirror the firm’s core values of embracing, cultivating, and maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusion – from recruitment to nurturing an inclusive employee experience and enriching client engagements. By embracing a diverse range of viewpoints, ideas, and approaches, Gráinne and her team ensure they are better equipped to address the unique challenges their clients face, whilst contributing to both company growth and societal impact.  Gráinne is also a WMB Diversity Ambassador and says:

“I want to see women empowered to bet on their own success through investments in professional development and self-care. By taking the time we need to grow as individuals, we become more productive, dynamic and inspired.”

Joining Gráinne on our ViewPoint Panel is Co-founder and Head of Research and Innovation at Future Planet, Ingrid De Doncker who plays a crucial role in an ESG team which developed a platform that empowers organisations to create and implement robust sustainability strategies. With more than two decades of pioneering work in sustainable procurement and supply chain management, Ingrid has significantly advanced global sustainability initiatives.

Her extensive advisory work on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues across numerous organisations, along with her expertise in public and private procurement in Ireland and Europe, underscores her significant contribution to promoting responsible business practices and sustainable procurement.

So whether you wish to make smarter career decisions, better lifestyle decisions, or simply want to leave a positive imprint in your wake, we invite you all to reflect with us and our wonderful speakers on our theme ‘Be the Change’.

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