Ruth Leggett – President of the Insurance Institute of Ireland, 2024

1st May 2024

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Ruth Leggett, CEO of Sedgwick in Ireland will take on the mantle of President of the Insurance Institute of Ireland for the 2024 – 2025 term, effective 30 April 2024. Ruth has served on the Insurance Institute’s board of directors as Deputy President and part of the executive committee.

She has over 15 years’ experience in the insurance industry with a successful track record in delivering transformational change. She was appointed CEO for Sedgwick in Ireland in 2021 having led in various roles for Sedgwick over the years as Deputy CEO, Head of Colleague Resources and Chief of Staff.

The Insurance Institute has been providing the highest level of education and learning to the Irish insurance industry since 1885.

“I look forward to leading the vision and work of the Insurance Institute as we continue to support the professional development of the members by providing resources and training,” said Ruth.

“I realised when starting my career, access to education allowed me to charter a path to grow in the insurance industry and take steps forward in my career, ultimately supporting my progression to CEO of Sedgwick in Ireland. I want others to have the support they need to flourish in our industry.”