Meaghers Pharmacy Group Launches Pharmacy 360

27th May 2024

Posted In: Newsflash

Meaghers Pharmacy Group has launched Pharmacy 360, a new innovation which will transform the way in which it interacts with patients. Pharmacy 360 is a new holistic health initiative created as a support to patients’ treatment plans to complement the medication they are being prescribed – taking the whole person into consideration.

Although just launched, this innovative initiative was a recent finalist in the Irish Pharmacy Awards 2024.

With Pharmacy 360, patients will be advised on how techniques to improve other factors that might be adding to their conditions – such as sleep, nutrition and anxiety. Meaghers’ experts will be used to educate patients in order to enhance their health.

Soul Space co-founder and qualified pharmacist Miriam Hussey, who is also an integrative health and wellness coach, has been announced as Brand Ambassador for Pharmacy 360.

Pharmacy 360 will be available to all customers in both Meaghers Pharmacy Group stores across Dublin as well as online at  It has already been trialled in a number of Meaghers pharmacies and has received very positive feedback.



The new initiative brings the expertise of senior Meaghers Pharmacy Group staff to bear on seven separate areas. They are: Sleep, Nutrition, Movement & Exercise, Stress Resilience, Relationships, Environment and Core Values.

Each of seven separate headings will be addressed in a range of ways — from a pharmacological, lifestyle, and holistic perspective by pharmacist and MD Oonagh O’Hagan, Joanne O’Hagan and integrative health specialist Liz O’Hagan.

Liz O’Hagan

Oonagh O’Hagan will be providing the pharmacy focus outlining how pharmacists can help patients to manage their conditions and improve health outcomes, Joanne will show Meaghers customers how they can make the right lifestyle choices, and Liz will provide information on the importance of holistic health in the pharmacy space. Pharmacy 360 will create a greater connection with Meaghers’ customers and expand the role of the pharmacist in the community. It will showcase how a holistic approach to health goes hand in hand with traditional pharmacy.

Oonagh O’Hagan, Managing Director of Meaghers Pharmacy Group (lead image), said: “Meaghers is very much a community pharmacy and this new initiative is another way for us to support our community; to show customers that they are not on their own and that they don’t need to be isolated. It is about all of our pharmacists taking that extra time to talk to the patient and see what other factors they can be helped with rather than just dispensing the medication.

“Meaghers Pharmacy Group is delighted to be launching Pharmacy 360 as an enhanced support for our customers across all our branches and our online operation. In no way is it meant to replace medicine but to compliment treatment plans.

The ways and means in which people can maintain optimum health vary at different stages in life and when managing different conditions. Pharmacy 360 aims to support our customers in managing their medical conditions in the best and most informed way possible.”

Oonaagh O’Hagan is the current WMB Female Entrepreneur Award recipient.