Expleo launches global AI Centre of Excellence in Ireland 

9th May 2024

Posted In: Newsflash

Expleo, the global engineering, technology, and consulting service provider, today announces the launch of its global AI Centre of Excellence (CoE), including a €1M investment. The hub will draw on Expleo’s local market knowledge and global expertise to accelerate innovation and drive business value by helping enterprises adopt artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies. The Centre’s launch coincides with Expleo’s first AI & Hyperautomation Summit, in association with Microsoft.

As AI becomes more accessible and more widespread, the Centre of Excellence – which will have its central hubs in Expleo’s Dublin and Belfast HQs – will serve businesses worldwide, helping them to adopt, and benefit from, solutions that will be of significant competitive advantage. These will include generative AI, fraud detection, predictive analytics and quality assurance, as well as promoting ethical AI practices both internally and externally.

The centre will focus on developing and deploying AI solutions that deliver concrete business value, while also empowering people within organisations to leverage the technology themselves. It will see over 380 experts with wide-ranging capabilities collaborating, with their collective efforts ensuring that the business’s AI solutions meet the multifaceted needs of modern enterprises.

Led by Rebecca Keenan, Expleo’s Global Head of Intelligent Automation; and Rob McConnell, Board Member and Director of Solutions, Expleo Ireland; the Centre of Excellence will also serve as a knowledge-sharing hub. Leveraging strategic partnerships and collaborations with academia, industry partners, and members of the business community, it will facilitate awareness, innovation, and the advancement of AI technologies both in Ireland and globally.

As part of this, the hub will incorporate a talent incubator for nurturing AI knowledge and skills within Expleo. It will offer comprehensive training programmes, mentorship opportunities and initiatives aimed at developing the next generation of AI leaders.

Rebecca Keenan, Global Head of Intelligent Automation, Expleo, said: 

“The time to embrace AI is here, but there is currently a blank space in the AI landscape because businesses simply don’t know where to start. The launch of our AI Centre of Excellence hopes to fill in this gap and give organisations a jumping-off point for their AI journeys.

“At Expleo, we recognise that artificial intelligence is a force that will revolutionise how we conduct business. We are harnessing the power of AI to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately deliver greater value to businesses.”

Rob McConnell, Board Member and Director of Solutions, Expleo Ireland , said: “This represents a commitment from our global team to innovation, collaboration, and value creation.

We want to demystify AI and help businesses around the globe make the most of this technology.

By channelling the power of artificial intelligence, we are empowering businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital landscape and changing their perception of what is possible.”

The announcement comes on the same day of Expleo’s first AI & Hyperautomation Summit with Microsoft, From Hype to Reality: Navigating the AI & Hyperautomation Era. The event, which is free to join online, will focus on AI, Hyperautomation, and Data, providing insights on how to build a strategy around disruptive technology to elevate business performance.

Pictured (L-R): Rebecca Keenan, Global Head of Intelligent Automation, Expleo; Rob McConnell, Board Member and Director of Solutions, Expleo Ireland; and Clara Talbot, Marketing Manager, Expleo Ireland.