Smarter, Faster, Better – Regina Mangan

26th February 2024

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With 26 years of experience in the property industry, Regina Mangan has weathered the storms, from surviving recessions to navigating the challenges of the Covid era, emerging stronger on the other side.

As a trailblazer in marketing and in the use of technology in her property business, Regina candidly shares her remarkable journey – from arriving in Waterford with nothing but determination and energy to transforming her business, Liberty Blue, into the highest-rated estate agency on Google in Ireland.

This book isn’t an estate agency manual. It’s a raw, reflective narrative of Regina’s experiences and lessons – valuable insights for readers involved in any business, born out of the challenges she faced.

“I took the scenic route to where I am today. Yes, it was picturesque, but there was a lot of time and effort wasted on the wrong things!

Recognising others might be on similar journeys, I want to highlight the pitfalls you can avoid and the opportunities you can leverage. I’m grateful for the help I received along the way and now want to pay it forward,” comments Regina. “This book is based on my experiences in building an Estate Agency, but the lessons are applicable to all types of business.”

How to Build a Smarter, Faster, Better Estate Agency is available from Amazon and at select bookstores including Waterford Book Centre. This book is a must-read, a no-holds-barred masterclass in success, offering real-life insights for anyone in the property business.