Sandra Healy, inclusio – Where Culture Meets Science

12th February 2024

­­This week we hear from Sandra Healy, Founder & CEO of inclusio.

Sandra is an award-winning impact entrepreneur and is a recent WMB Award recipient.

In this piece, Sandra says that ‘every conversation and customer need is different’.

We take the time to understand how we can add value for each company and ensure we help them meet their cultural ambitions.

Q: Having spent over two decades in telecoms, you set about securing Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation funding to establish inclusio. What inspired this move?

As a passionate leader in Culture and DEI, I realised there was a gap. How to measure culture using science.

inclusio is a science-based, data-led diversity and inclusion platform, designed to measure and positively shift the culture of an organisation. We do this by achieving measurable results, while empowering and educating organisations to value the diversity of their people, through conscious group effort.

Q: You’ve secured over €6m in SEED funding – what advice can you offer to other female startups when seeking support?

•There are lots of entrepreneurs who are willing to help and share what works best

•No one knows your business like you do

•Guidance on how to pitch the idea and scale it will be invaluable

Q: How would you best describe your leadership style?

Transformational – it’s about building followership and inspiring people to be part of the mission

Q: What sets inclusio apart?

inclusio is the first purpose-built, science-based culture, tracking, and learning solution that enables employers to reach their Culture and Engagement ambitions through concrete insights instead of guesswork.

Unlike competitors, inclusio evolved from four years of academic research and uses AI and bite-size employee inputs to give employers the most comprehensive, reliable data on the market.

Q: You describe inclusio as a social impact business. Can you expand on this?

inclusio is committed to social impact. This starts with capturing the experiences of people in work. We work with leading academic experts to advance the world of research on people in work.

Q: You have received several awards since launching inclusio and recently you were presented with the WMB Female Newcomer Award. How important are such initiatives?

I was delighted and honoured to be selected for the award. For me, the recognition provides the opportunity to promote our important work.

Since its launch three years ago, inclusio has received considerable recognition –

2023 Finalist Ibec Tech for Good Award
2023 Winner Business & Finance ESG Awards
2023 Listed BOI Think Business, Top100 Startups to watch
2022 Winner Altice International Innovation Awards

Q: What does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mean to you?

Fairness, and equitable access for all.

Q: You use ethical AI to help leaders build sustainable and inclusive companies – what kind of pushback have you encountered along the way?

Every conversation and customer need is different.

We take the time to understand how we can add value for each company and ensure we help them meet their cultural ambitions.

Q: Confidentiality is key when gathering employee data. How do you and your team build on this trust to deliver clear focus for employers?

People trust inclusio with their data. We have proven this over the past three years. We get 75% completion rates across all sectors. The inputs from employees help leaders make data-informed decisions on their culture and DEI.

Q: How does inclusio help cultivate company culture in a hybrid workforce?

inclusio helps leaders understand how the culture is experienced for everyone in every location. We capture working patterns and can identify if people are not having a consistent experience.

Q: Outside of the workforce, do you agree that a whole-of-business approach to closing the gender gap is necessary?

We are working in business structures that were established in the 1950’s when one person stayed at home. That is no longer the case. Women are as ambitious as men. So, workplace structures, policies, practices need to be updated to be equitable and provide opportunity for all.

Q: How do you approach ‘change’?

You have to meet people where they are at.

There is no successful change if you do not bring the people along with you.

We measure people’s propensity to change through inclusio.

Q: Your predictions for 2024 in this space?

•People listening is vital in times of change and uncertainty.

•Retention of key talent will be challenging

•GenZ will demand more supports and more flexibility from employers

Q: Who supports you in your career and life ambitions?

I have lots of mentors and people who are very generous with their time. People I can call on when I need them. I pay this forward when I can too!

Q: What advice would you offer your younger self just starting out?

Go for it, life is an adventure

A little bit about ‘You’

Alternative career choice, no limits?

Child Psychologist

The person who has influenced you the most?

The women in my family, I was inspired by all around me when I was younger

Name three things that you’re passionate about.

Fairness, equity, fun – we all need it, and it’s different for all of us – my fun is in adventure and experience of new people, things and places.