Master the Art of Networking – A Network Ireland West Cork Event

27th February 2024

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Network Ireland West Cork is hosting a networking event that promises to be a transformative experience for women professionals in the region. The event is scheduled for 7pm – 9pm on Thursday 29th February in Fusion Home Design Centre in Skibbereen, (eircode: P81 EA49).  The event will bring together women from diverse professional backgrounds to network, share experiences, and gain valuable insights from three accomplished guest speakers.

Networking is a powerful tool for professional growth, providing women in business, whether self-employed entrepreneurs or employees, with opportunities to build meaningful connections and explore collaborative ventures. The event aims to highlight the numerous benefits of networking, fostering an environment where women can learn, inspire, and support one another.

In 2019, Helen Wycherley served as the National President of Network Ireland and was named 2023 Networker of the Year at the prestigious National Network Ireland Awards. Helen’s expertise in strategic planning and her focus on driving business forward, particularly in areas of business and people strategy, sales, marketing, and PR, make her an invaluable speaker. Helen’s talk will provide insights into how networking has played a crucial role in her successful business journey.

Susan Collins Duggan, owner of Theatre Tricks Drama & Communications emphasises the importance of leaving one’s comfort zone, for women to shine in business and their careers. Susan will share practical tips on coping with nerves, the use of impactful body language, and the top habits of successful public speakers, empowering attendees to grow their confidence and develop a vital life skill.

Patricia Maybury of The Etiquette Suite, will delve into the significance of making a lasting first impression and guide attendees on using the correct business etiquette. Patricia, an etiquette consultant, provides guidance to foster self-confidence, poise, and social finesse. Her expertise in style, fashion, image, and event management, coupled with her certification from esteemed institutions, makes her an authority on the subject.

President of Network Ireland West Cork, Sandra Maybury welcomes all women in business, whether entrepreneurs, professionals, or executives, to attend this empowering event, “It is an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, gain valuable insights from experienced speakers, and take significant strides toward personal and professional growth.”

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Date:               Thursday 29th February, 2024.

Time:               7pm to 9pm

Location:       Fusion Home Design Centre, Skibbereen.