Kellanova Ireland Increases Supports for Co-Parenting 

29th January 2024

Kellanova Ireland has added to its suite of family friendly policies by offering 10 weeks1 paid leave to those who are expecting a child, but do not qualify for maternity, primary adopter or other primary parental leave policies.

Under the new policy, Kellanova employees in Ireland are entitled to take up to 10 weeks1 of paid leave which must be taken within the first year of the baby’s birth date. This policy applies to various parenting situations including fathers or a same sex female relationship who are currently only entitled to 2 weeks statutory leave. Employees who have pregnant partners also have the option to take paid time off to attend antenatal classes and appointments.

According to research carried out by RAND Europe in partnership with the European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC)2, a main driver for co-parents not taking leave is due to low or non-existent compensation levels during the leave.

Kellanova’s co-parent policy challenges traditional gender roles, supports diverse family structures and promotes gender equality both in the workplace and at home, while allowing co-parents to take 10 weeks1 paid leave.

Tammy Winnie, VP for HR, Kellanova Europe commented: “At Kellanova, we believe in creating a seat at the table for everyone. Recognising the importance of family and the shared responsibilities of parenting, we are proud to introduce a new co-parent policy that grants 10 weeks of paid leave to parents who do not qualify for other parental leave policies.

“It is important for us to foster a supportive work environment that extends beyond traditional boundaries and this policy is a reflection of our dedication to the wellbeing of our employees and their families.

As we continue to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of our workforce, we are proud to be at the forefront of workplace practices.

I look forward to witnessing the positive impact of this policy on the lives of our employees and their growing families!”

Volodya Babushkin, a parent and employee at Kellanova commented: “As a parent working at Kellanova, I am thrilled about the introduction of the co-parent policy and am excited to be one of the first to take an advantage of the new policy and spend a few weeks with my family this year.

This initiative not only recognises the changing dynamics of modern families but also highlights the company’s commitment to fostering a truly inclusive workplace. It sends a powerful message that parenting responsibilities are shared, breaking down traditional gender norms.

This policy ensures that all parents have the opportunity to actively participate in the crucial early stages of their child’s life and I’m proud to work for a company that puts commitments into tangible actions.” 

During this leave, all the terms and conditions of the employee’s contract will continue and any periods taken as ‘co-parent leave’ will be on full pay and benefits. Kellanova also offers other industry leading employee policies, including those focusing on domestic abuse, menopause, pregnancy loss and fertility treatment. In 2023, Kellanova Europe announced it reached its goal of having 50% male and female representation at manager level and above in Ireland. The achievement came three years ahead of schedule.

Pictured: Tammy Winnie, VP for HR, Kellanova Europe.

1Pay is instead of the two weeks statutory paternity leave in Ireland and not in addition to it.      2