Alison Winger Appointed General Manager of Novozymes Ireland

9th January 2024

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Dr Alison Winger has been appointed General Manager of Novozymes Ireland, the home of PrecisionBiotics.

In addition to this prestigious role, Alison will remain as Global Head of Product Development at Novozymes within the Human Health division, OneHealth; leading a global team of scientists who develop new, innovative products containing Novozymes proprietary enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and vitamins. Within this role, Alison, who is based in Cork, heads up a division of Novozymes in Ireland, Denmark and in the US, as well as working closely with the commercial world for the creation of branded products.

Alison will take over the role as General Manager of Novozymes Ireland from leading gut health scientist Dr Barry Kiely, who recently retired after a stellar career with PrecisionBiotics.

Commenting on her appointment, Alison said: “I am absolutely delighted to further my career with Novozymes Ireland by taking up this role, stepping into the shoes of the extraordinary Barry Kiely who has done so much for science in Cork and Ireland through his leadership at PrecisionBiotics. Novozymes Ireland is a fantastic place to work, the technology we use is genuinely amazing, and we are continuing to discover novel solutions. We are a company with science and innovation at our core.

Everything we do starts with our unique One-in-a-Trillion mindset, to help people support their microbiome and take control of their One health.

I’m very much looking forward to the exciting challenges that lie ahead in my new role as General Manager in 2024.”

Prior to moving to Ireland in 2014, Alison, originally from New Zealand, held a number of academic research positions around the world. Since coming here she’s worked in a number of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies: Monaghan Biosciences Ltd, LEO Pharma, and Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes, before joining Novozymes Ireland in 2021. Alison is author of a number of publications, including three enzyme patents and nine peer-reviewed papers in the fields of enzymes and probiotics.