Soapbox Labs Acquired by Curriculum Associates

3rd December 2023

Posted In: Newsflash

Curriculum Associates, a leading education technology company based in Massachusetts, recently announced that it has acquired Irish company SoapBox Labs, a global leader in voice AI, powering equity-driven learning experiences for students.

SoapBox’s first-of-its-kind, equity-based voice engine caters to the unique speech patterns of children, powering Grades K–12 tools—including classroom-focused learning and assessment products, apps, and platforms—to support early literacy, reading fluency, language learning, and more. It was founded by current executive chair, Dr. Patricia Scanlon ten years ago.

The SoapBox voice engine generates immediate and granular insights for educators, giving them an invaluable resource—more time to target and personalize their instruction to meet student needs.

Curriculum Associates has supported classroom teaching and learning for more than 50 years. By incorporating speech recognition technology into its assessment and instructional programs, Curriculum Associates will bring new and innovative supports to the ways in which children learn to read, how multilingual learners build oral vocabulary, how teachers monitor progress and provide feedback, and more broadly, how classrooms can better engage in all forms of discourse.

“Curriculum Associates and SoapBox Labs share a commitment to improving student outcomes by expanding access to high-quality instructional materials and innovative technologies,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates.

“This groundbreaking partnership will bring state-of-the-art voice technology to more classrooms, helping to ensure every learner is set up for success.

It will also deepen and expand an asset-based, inclusive approach to learning across our entire product line.”

Curriculum Associates and SoapBox Labs also share a commitment to using AI technologies to power equity and inclusivity, accessibility, and data privacy in the classroom for educators and their students.

Reflecting on the partnership, SoapBox founder and Ireland’s AI Ambassador Dr. Patricia Scanlon said,

“From the start, SoapBox has been on a mission to build voice technology that powers equitable, engaging, and frictionless digital learning experiences for all kids, regardless of age, accent, or dialect.

This partnership with CA will allow us to fulfill this mission for even more young students and their teachers.”

SoapBox CEO Martyn Farrows agreed saying, “We are excited about this partnership with Curriculum Associates which will solidify Ireland’s reputation as a hub for AI innovation and give our team the opportunity to power better, more equitable outcomes for all students as they progress through their K–12 reading, language, and math journeys.”