Doreen Connolly Appointed MD of Munster Express

1st November 2023

Posted In: So In Demand

Kieran Walsh, managing director of the 163-year-old family-run newspaper, The Munster Express, retires as Doreen Connolly takes up the role, along with becoming the main shareholder. Doreen has worked within The Munster Express for the last 17 years.

Commenting on the announcement, Kieran said: “After over 100 years of the Walsh family running The Munster Express, I am stepping back due to retirement.

“I know that this will allow the next generation to inject ideas into the business and push the company forward as we always have. The Munster Express is a locally run independent newspaper and I am very glad to say that it will remain as such into the future.”

Taking on the reins yesterday (Oct 31st),  Doreen said: “It is a great honour to take on this role at The Munster Express and to work with our brilliant team to continue to move the company into the next chapter. I could not do this without the dedicated staff, contributors, readers and advertisers.”

This will be a new beginning in a new age, for a heritage title that goes back to 1860. The Munster Express is a trusted veteran in the newspaper trade and is a member of the Local Ireland Newspaper Association.

Pictured: Doreen Connolly takes over as MD of The Munster Express. Photo: Noel Browne