Vodafone Ireland Invests €3M Across Retail

13th August 2023

Posted In: FYI

Vodafone Ireland has announced a new €3 million investment to upgrade a number of its stores. The new, three-year investment programme is designed to better equip and futureproof some stores nationwide – with the goal of further enhancing the customer experience, which is at the forefront of the strategy.

Almost a quarter of all stores have been retrofitted so far, with plans to refit Vodafone’s whole estate by 2025. The upgraded stores will best reflect Vodafone’s converged offerings and ensure these spaces are better equipped to serve the needs of Vodafone customers, across mobile, broadband, business, and TV.

The fresh investment has been driven by Vodafone Ireland’s ongoing focus on customer loyalty and the desire to deliver hands-on support for those who need it, in the form of expert advice strongly supported by an unparalleled in-store experience. The programme of investment will see funding allocated to enhance stores across the country, transforming several locations into future-forward digital hubs, and creating a sustainable network of specially curated stores to better support all customers, inclusive of those with additional needs and older persons.

Aligning with Vodafone’s commitment to bridging the digital divide facing older people, the Vodafone Ireland Foundation, in partnership with ALONE, is also launching ‘Hi Digital Drop-in Fridays’ in 21 stores nationwide, which will give free dedicated digital support for those over the age of 65, as part of the ongoing Hi Digital programme. However, if some Fridays are difficult, people are still encouraged to visit for support and guidance as normal throughout the week.

Launched in 2021, Hi Digital is a first of its kind programme that provides digital skills training for people over 65, through online and in-person classes across the country. For Hi Digital Drop-in Fridays the stores will dedicate 10am-1pm on Friday as a time when older persons can drop in for practical support using their phones, tablets and devices and other support, based on their needs e.g., using apps, paying bills etc. A network of Vodafone employees have been trained as ‘Hi Digital Ambassadors’ meaning they are well equipped to provide these customers with the practical support that they need.

Jenny Hayes, Head of Consumer Sales said; “This investment across our stores highlights our continued commitment to customer experience as we strive to meet the needs of our diverse base and offerings across mobile, broadband, business, and TV.

As we enhance and better equip our stores to meet changing customer needs and demands, we are also delighted to be rolling out our Hi Digital Drop-In Fridays.

This will see older persons come into our stores and receive hands on, complementary support on Fridays from Vodafone experts. Any questions or support required can be answered, be it, contacting a family member or loved one, paying a bill, or downloading an app, and it will further help us to combat the current digital divide across Ireland. I encourage family members to spread the word to their parents, grandparents and beyond, about the service which we hope will directly impact communities across Ireland and help more people get connected.”  

 Pictured: (L-R) Liz Roche, Head of Vodafone Foundation, Jack Moran, Vodafone employee, Peter Kelly, Vodafone customer and Jenny Hayes, Head of Consumer Sales.