Microsoft Ireland Work Trend Index 2023

12th June 2023

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Microsoft Ireland has recently released the ‘2023 Work Trend Index’ which gives insights into the experiences and expectations of workers in Ireland across all sectors.

The research, conducted by Amárach, includes responses from almost 700 workers and covers such themes as employee trends, hybrid working and digital solutions for the workplace.

There is reason to be cheerful in this year’s research as 77% of employees reveal that they are happy at work.  However, one-fifth (19%) of all adults have changed employers at least once in the past year, compared to 14% in 2022.  The main reason appears to be poor leadership.

According to the findings: ‘A lack of confidence in company leadership (27%), negative impacts to mental well-being (25%), and a lack of professional recognition (23%), were highlighted as the top three reasons why workers have been changing roles in Ireland over the last year.’

“With the majority saying that culture is a top priority, there is now a pressing need for leadership to better understand what engages their employees, and find ways of connecting that bridge – the gap between physical and virtual work environments,” writes Anne Sheehan, General Manager, Microsoft Ireland in the Work Trend Index Forward.

We also get a glimpse into the positives and ‘not so positives’ of hybrid working. According to the findings ‘Twelve months on, hybrid workers are still struggling with motivation and find it challenging to disconnect from work. Additionally, they are finding it harder than ever to stay up-to-date with business activity and decisions when not in person.’

In fact, 29% of workers are finding it more difficult to stay motivated, compared to 26% in 2022. And despite workplace culture being the biggest priority, more than half (51%) of hybrid workers felt their workplace culture has deteriorated since they began working remotely.

Other issues cited in the report include – finding the time to disconnect and prioritise well-being; the execution of simple tasks was proving more difficult to complete due to a lack of information and/or resources and a sense of disconnect with company culture, senior leadership and co-workers.

According to the report, digital solutions can play a key role in supporting greater efficiencies and focus time, as well as opportunities for greater connection between leaders and workers – all of which have been highlighted as areas for improvement.

“We are all aware that the pace and volume of work has increased exponentially, and it’s no surprise that employees are struggling under the weight of work – putting innovation at risk,” said Anne Sheehan.

“So, I am reassured to see that not only are workers increasingly using solutions, such as artificial intelligence (AI), they are more willing to embrace them in their role to improve productivity and performance.”

Microsoft’s Work Trend Index suggests a path forward to empower, energise and engage the workforce and thus increase productivity. There is little doubt that ‘flexible work is the new way of work’ with more conversation and clarity needed between leadership and employee against a backdrop of an ever-evolving technological landscape.

You can download the report here>>