Just Eat Launches 2023 Food Delivery Report

28th June 2023

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The rise of grocery deliveries, demand for sustainable packaging, consumption habits and the robust health of the takeaway are just some of the key findings in the new Just Eat Takeaway & Food Delivery Report.

The report, which was launched yesterday, comprises industry and consumer data examining the overall value of the Takeaway and Food Delivery Sector in Ireland as well as the key innovations, trends and consumer habits which are shaping the industry. Launched by Just Eat as it marks 15 years of business in Ireland, the report aims to provide a rounded view on the significant role the sector plays in Ireland.

According to the Just Eat report, the total annual expenditure on food delivery and takeaway orders in the Irish market is an estimated €2.2 billion ex VAT.

Amanda Roche Kelly, Managing Director, Just Eat Ireland said: ‘’The launch of today’s report marks our 15th year in the Irish market. Over that time our business has evolved significantly from primarily a takeaway offering to more than 3,600 partners including restaurants, takeaways, grocery and convenience retailers. We now offer options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.”

When it comes to Ireland’s consumption habits, on average consumers order a takeaway 2.9 times per month, spending an average of €46.49 on their favourite cuisines. The report also finds that ordering food is mostly a shared experience, with 54% of restaurant partners saying orders are for at least two people while 37% say the average takeaway order is for a family. Only 9% of orders are for solo eaters.

The rise of grocery

Since launching in Ireland in 2008, Just Eat has grown from approximately 200 restaurant partners to more than 3,600. The make-up of these partners has also changed significantly over that time, from primarily traditional takeaways to a cross section of restaurants and grocery partners.

The Just Eat report reveals that grocery is a rapidly growing area for the food delivery and takeaway sector with almost a quarter of Irish people (23%) having used a food delivery service to order groceries in the past year. Of this 23%, they spend an average of €174.30 on grocery delivery services in a month.

Over the last 12-18 months, grocery has been a key focus for Just Eat globally and is an area of rapid growth for the business.

As the company forges new partnerships with major supermarkets and convenience retailers both in Ireland and internationally, customers in the future can expect even more choice and flexibility when ordering via Just Eat.

“Our report shows that overall, there is a positive outlook for the sector, and it remains resilient despite challenges that are facing all businesses at present such as increased energy costs and the demand for labour,” said Amanda.  “The gains made by the sector during the COVID-19 pandemic have not waned significantly in the last year but it’s important that the industry does not become complacent and continues to innovate and evolve,” she added.

Conscious consumers

While provenance has played an important role in the food industry for many years, as consumers become more sustainably aware, knowledge around a restaurant’s sustainable practices has increased in importance.

Over half (54%) say knowing the carbon footprint of their takeaway order is now important to them and almost two thirds (65%) believe it’s important that restaurants are transparent in what they are doing to be sustainable.

Highlighting the important role sustainability plays in consumer choices, a third of those surveyed for the report say they would select a restaurant that uses sustainable takeaway packaging over one that only uses regular plastic, with a further 45% stating that it would be a consideration.

Just Eat is encouraging restaurant partners to embrace a wide variety of sustainability initiatives to lower the environmental impact and carbon footprint of the food delivery and takeaway industry.

A key innovation has been the introduction of Notpla’s seaweed coated takeaway boxes by Just Eat to restaurant partners in Ireland as an alternative to the industry norm of plastic or bio-plastic lining.

These takeaway boxes are both recyclable and will also naturally biodegrade within 4-6 weeks – just like a piece of fruit.

Since the launch of this packaging in October 2022, Just Eat Ireland has seen a staggering 450% uplift in sales of Notpla packaging in 2023 vs the same period last year.

“A key trend coming from our report is the continued demand for sustainable food, delivery and packaging options which are now key considerations for consumers when ordering food.

“At Just Eat, our goal is to support our restaurant partners on their sustainable journey and one of the key successes to date has been the introduction of our Notpla seaweed coated takeaway boxes as an alternative to the industry norm of plastic or bio-plastic lining,” said Amanda.

“We are also supporting a range of other initiatives for example our price match initiative, a €50,000 fund to further promote the roll-out of Notpla’s award winning packaging across its restaurant partner network in Ireland that will further empower restaurants to be more sustainable. The first of these initiatives is a deliberate and concerted effort to reduce food waste in Ireland,”Amanda concluded.

Pictured at the launch of Just Eat Food Delivery Report (l-r): Shane Crilly, Founder of Base Wood Fired Pizza; Tristan Kaye, Commercial Director, Notpla; Amanda Roche-Kelly, Managing Director of Just Eat Ireland; Andrew Kenny, Chief Commercial Officer, Just Eat, and Maureen Gahan, Food Service Specialist with Bord Bia.