Attracting Women Back to the Workplace at Expleo

22nd June 2023

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Expleo, a global technology, engineering, and consulting service provider, is today announcing that it is launching progressive initiatives aimed at attracting women back to the workplace. The Return@Expleo programme, in partnership with Women Returners, along with an expanded leave policy and a comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Programme, aims to empower female professionals seeking to return to work.

Expleo’s Return@Expleo programme is aimed at professionals who have taken extended career breaks. Participants will be equipped with the resources they require to refresh their skills, re-establish industry connections and pursue their career progression. On completion of the five-month paid career returners programme, successful candidates will have a view towards permanency within Expleo. This will help Expleo fill current job openings in the areas of Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, and Engineering.

Expleo’s commitment to diversity is further exemplified through its generous leave policies, which the company has expanded this year to include menopause leave, fertility treatment leave, volunteer leave and special leave relating to important life situations, such as a child starting school. Team members can also avail of fully-paid maternity, paternity, adoption, and parent’s leave. In addition, Expleo’s life enrichment programme offers unpaid leave for traveling, research or education.

Expleo’s award-winning Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Programme, meanwhile, has long been a champion for female voices in the workplace. With a dedicated D&I Committee and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Expleo ensures that all employees have a voice in shaping D&I initiatives. The company’s commitment to continuous learning is demonstrated through its annual D&I training for the leadership team and employees. Expleo’s dedication to gender diversity has been recognised with award wins including the recent Diversity and Inclusion Award at the Tech Excellence Awards. It has also previously been awarded the Best Large Workplace in Ireland.

Aimee Farrell, Project Manager at Expleo, who went through the programme said: “I joined Expleo as a Project Manager through the Return@Expleo programme in March 2022 following a five-year career break to stay at home with my young children. From the very first contact I had with Expleo and the team at Women Returners, I knew that my career was in good hands. They made the transition back to work very straight forward and provided support including webinars on brushing up your CV and job interview preparation, through to a five-month programme of workshops specific to my needs. This personalised approach helped me regain confidence and update my skills.

Connecting with the other participants on the programme created a supportive community, offering shared experiences and valuable insights. I recommend this programme to any woman seeking to return to the world of work.”

Eimear Fitzsimons, Head of Recruitment, at Expleo (pictured) said: “At Expleo, we are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and diverse workplace. We understand that many women desire to return to the workforce, but may lack confidence and feel that their skills are outdated – particularly when it comes to our fast-moving technology industry.

Through our initiatives, we aim to provide the encouragement and support that career returners need to step back into the professional realm and carve out successful careers.

“Helping women to get back into the workplace is just one element of ensuring greater gender diversity in our industry. We understand that life happens and that is why we have extended our leave policies to include menopause leave and special leave, which can cover unexpected or unique events. We stand by our employees through every stage of their lives, continually assessing and enhancing our benefits to meet their evolving needs year after year.

“We have also taken measures including the removal of gender-biased language from job ads; implementing internal mentorship programmes; offering a flexible model for working parents, Expleo Fusion; and hosting impactful workshops and webinars.

Our goal is to empower female professionals, dismantle barriers, and foster an inclusive environment where every individual can thrive and make meaningful contributions.”

Pictured: Eimear Fitzsimons, Head of Recruitment, at Expleo.